In this shop, this is where you can spend your hard earned Ryo won from battles and such.

Weapons, Tools, etcEdit

  • Shuriken - Basically a ninja star, slightly better than a normal attack 150 Ryo for 10 (max per level)
  • Demon Wind Shurkiens - a large, four bladed shuriken possesing pre-eminent sharpness and lethality. Much better than regular Shuriken's 300 Ryo for 1 (max per level)
  • Kunai - A throwing knife, this is a little bit better than a regular attacks 500 Ryo for 10 (max per level)
  • Paper Bomb - An explosive piece of paper, very rare, use wisely. Much better than regular attacks 600 for 1 (max per level)
  • Sword. Better than regular attacks 700 Ryo for 1 Taijutsu level must be 15 for 1 and 30 for 2. (max)
  • Chakra Dagger: Stronger than a paper bomb $250 for 1 until level 30 then 2 permanently. Ninjutsu and Taijutsu need to be level 13
  • Executioner's Sword: Requires level 5 but the thing is only one character to have this. The character that has this Sword is Madako the user controlling him is User: Chaotic Rocket/Madako
  • Kiba(swords) is one of the famous swords of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. It is a pair of swords, each with slim and straight double-edged blades. Both blades also have an upward-curved bladed prong near the tip of one side of blade and another one near the base of the blade's other side. Only can be used from one character. Requirement: Level 5
  • Short Sword: Half the price of the regular sword 15 for 2

Chakra RegenerationEdit

  • Ramen - Heals all your chakra back to 100% of the max. $50

Non-Elemental JutsuEdit

Unless your chakra control is level 100 or higher you have to use hand signs.

  • Dynamic Entry: Requirements Level 5. Taijutsu must be level 10
  • Ninja Art: Wooden Dummy Jutsu: You can use this at any level but you must be a puppet master. In order to be a puppet master you need to read the puppet scroll.
  • Shadow Possession Shuriken Jutsu: Can use this Jutsu at any level.
  • Shadow Clone Jutsu: Need to be out of the Shinobi Training Academy. You must read The Forbidden Scroll to unlock this jutsu. If you don't read it and use it wrong. You can never use Shadow Clone Jutsu in this occasion.
  • Shadow Possession Jutsu: Need to be level 10 to equip this Jutsu. Costs 200 Ryo.
  • Shadow Stitching Jutsu: Need to be level 20 to equip this Jutsu. You must have Shadow Possession Jutsu in order to do the Jutsu. Costs 500 Ryo.
  • Rasengan: Need to be level 50 to equip this Jutsu. You need 70 chakra in order to do Rasengan. You need 50 Chakra Control in order to do Rasengan
  • Summoning: Impure World Reanimation: Requires 1,000 chakra and someone's character needs to die in a battle.